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I believe helping people is a moral responsibility, and I am pleased to be in a position to devote my life to providing assistance to the blind. Computer technology is the great equalizer as it allows the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the print-impaired the ability to read print, and the physically disabled the ability to access their environment. I created the Laptop Reader for the Blind in 1993 (http://accessibility.net/) and since then I have always had my hands on the latest and greatest solutions.

I work for the greatest company in America, NanoPac, Inc. which is 30 years old! Nanopac understands the importance of technology to help persons blind and visually impaired. NanoPac provides the best customer service and support for every product sold. We provide products and services in 8 states; Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. We sell direct and also work with eye doctors that want to distribute the products we sell. If you are in one of these states please call us at 800-580-6086 so that we may help you.

Are you trying to help someone with low vision that lives somewhere else in the United States? To provide a solution to help anybody living in the United States I created the Low Vision US List. It only costs $10.00 to get a list of the best local resources in any area of the United States. The Low Vision US List covers every state including Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. When you buy this product you tell us the City, State and Zip Code where you want your list of resources to come from. Purchase this at the Low Vision US website: www.LowVision.US

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